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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Wild World Flea Market

I forgot to brag, I think, about the success The Girl and I had over last weekend with our Animal Crossing flea market. For those looking to make serious bells in Wild World, there's a fairly simple plan. Basically, clear out your main room as soon as you hear about the market and then stock it with as much expensive fish as possible. If you've already got some extra rooms, fill those up as well. The Happy Room Academy isn't going to happy with your decor, but your bank account will thank you once you sell a room full of red snappers at 8,750 bells a pop. On an average, the animals pay about 250% what Nook will pay, sometimes more. Once you empty out all your rooms, just fish some more and sell whatever you can. We cleared about 400,000 bells by the morning.

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Brinstar said...

When people make AC:WW posts it seems so funny and surreal. I'm so getting this game.

Josh said...

Trying to explain the appeal of this game is worse than trying to explain why rolling a sticky ball around junk is addictive. I suppose, though, the same could be same for the Sims or even Tetris.