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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Should Oblivion Get An Adults Only Rating?

Apparently the author of the newly released nude skins is using Bethesda's skins for the mod. At least in the European version they're just "covered by underwear" later. I don't have Oblivion so I've got no idea how bad the naughty bits get here ... but it seems like we're walking dangerously close to the Hot Coffee arena once again. The game, as sold, is clearly not an AO title. But if everyone in the game were naked, then it probably would.

Since I think GTA:SA got a raw deal, I certainly don't think Oblivion should share the same fate, since it seems even less graphic. However, since video games are the corruptors of young children everywhere ... some might think it should be sold with a label saying "BEWARE BEWARE".

Again, though, I use my mod logic here. If you buy something and then install something else to make it pornographic - that's your business. It's like googling for "tan hotties" and then complaining that you got something less than innocent on your screen.

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Brinstar said...

It would be so funny if Oblivion got the AO based upon user mods. SO FUNNY. :-/

Josh said...

I'm guessing this will go under the radar since Bethesda != Rockstar, and everyone hates Rockstar ... not the other way around.

So basically, we have a content rating system which is becoming susceptible to political pressure more than consistent standards. How 50's of us.

Geof said...

Exactly. Bethesda != Rockstar. That's the point. Rockstar do that shit deliberately, consciously, and for the sole purpose of causing controversy. Bethesda, on the other hand, don't. That is why this will go under the radar. That, and Hot Coffee was more the final straw than the only one.

Josh said...

And you know this ... how? Work for Rockstar? Got a friend with Bethesda? What?

Rockstar's main form of "causing of controversy" is nothing but the actual premise of their game ... a premise so controversial that it's become one of the best selling franchises and often cloned.

And how many of the clones are as good as the original? About none. So don't go off with the "it sells well because it's controversial".

It's so controversial, pretty much everyone plays it. What Rockstar does deliberately is make a game that sells like hotcakes. The industry likes to bitch and moan that it's "too adult" and "I like GTA, but I wish it wasn't so violent".

Meanwhile ... the market speaks.

If we are going to have a system of standards for which to rate games with, things like "People don't like Rockstar" shouldn't be a part of it. If a teacher sent a kid home with a "great student, but a bit of an ass - F" report card, I'm guessing it wouldn't fly well with the PTA.

And worse, it's not industry pressure the ESRB is responding too, but knee jerk moralistic poltical pressure.

Might as well make just one rating:

"Approved By Your Congress. Enjoy, Citizen."

Josh said...

We should note Jeff's take on the subject, which refers to the nudity as "Barbie without clothes on" as opposed to the Playboy version we might assume.