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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Mumbles and Grumbles about PS3 Price

I'm not sure which is more bizarre, that a Sony exec went off and said how much the PS3 might be in Europe, or that every gaming site immeadiately assumed it was a) true and b) amounted to a direct conversion to the US market ... since neither of those are usually the case. The Guardian blog offhandedly points out that devices which cost such and such pounds often go for the same numerical, not dollar, amount here in the States ... as is the case with the 360.

And it's not like Sony hasn't pulled the "oh this will cost over $500 ... prepare yourselves" con before. Heck, people ... they've always done it. Fact is, Sony probably doesn't even know how much the PS3 will cost right now.

But should it surprise us if it costs $500? Really? Most people were paying almost a grand for 360's off of eBay when it launched. $500 for a console is definately overpriced for us normal working schlubs, but we live in the day and age of bundles, baby! Nobody buys a launch console for it's list price these days. Instead, you apparently set aside $600-$1,000 to get the thing with bells and whistles. Was true for the PSP, true for 360 and will be true for the PS3. The question is how much it will cost when the supply chain lets us average folk get one without the wait.

Update: Joystiq reports that the whole thing was lost in translation in the first place and that a more accurate speculation of price is "about anything". Go fig.

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