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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Lost: More On The BlackLight Map

Found the Lost And Gone Forever Blog discussing the BlackLight Map, and has an even cleaner version of the text it contains. Bet Locke wishes he could google right about now.

A few of note:

The Final Resting Place of Magnus Hanso / Black Rock ... does this mean that a relative of Alvo Hanso's perished with the Black Rock? Seems an odd choice for a post-shipwreck burial, given all that TNT and such. Was this how Hanso discovered the island? Did an ancestor crash here and his search lead him to the island?

Cerebus: Generally assumed to be the official title of the Smoke Monster, which befits the assumed watchdog role of the "creature".

DIHG: Seems to be an acronym for whatever entity first started the island (indicated by DIHG survey teams). Dharma Institute Something Something? Is DHARMA both an acryonym and just a name for something? If so, then the "HG Inspection Delegation" in 81 might have been one of the initial teams? Could the facility be only a couple of decades old?

de-territorial of ursus maritimus: So it was a goal to make a polar capable of living in well, non-polar, environments and maybe not a creature pulled from Walt's ether. Sometimes coincidence is just coincidence? Why make a polar bear that can live in a jungle? I guess because it's a badass that could live anywhere then ... a ready to transport apex predator. Bet it had a fancy tattoo, too.

Estimated Travel Time incompatible with 108 OK. So if we assume this is all written by the perspective of a Swan Hatch Employee during a lockdown, then it would seem that the person didn't want to risk going to this point (which might be the Staff Station) and back before missing the countdown. Would seem to suggest that at this point, there was only one person in the hatch and that they believed the countdown to be vital.

Lots of other odd acronyms and the definate feel that 1) something really bad went down and 2) whoever wrote this was gathering information about what was happening at DHARMA, but probably had some initial knowledge of the facility (otherwise why use all the acronyms?).

Theory: The author of the BlackLight Map is Kelvin, Desmond's former hatchmate. Kelvin worked for DHARMA prior to everything going wrong. Probably the last recipient of the orientation film. He realizes that things aren't quite right and starts to try and to write everything down, and assumes the lockdowns are a safe time to do it. He must have told Desmond enough about what was going on that Desmond knew to be looking for "Him" (the great and powerful Oz?) when Jack and Locke show up.

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