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Friday, April 07, 2006

Metroid Hunters Tips

I came across this forum posting for Metroid Prime: Hunters detailing some quick tips for each hunter, particularly when it comes to niwifi battles. Presented for my fellow gamebloggers who may enter Corvus' tourney. I got some practice time last night and found I can consistently win a deathmatch with a two star bot an two one stars, so I'll probably up the AI to a couple two stars this weekend. I should be playing online more, though, to get a better feel for human players. The botmatches are great though, and a huge plus for the title.

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Thomas said...

I've started playing the three star bots when the two stars stopped being a consistent challenge. They're a bit--how to say, omniscient? Headshots almost every time? I can come close to winning if there's only two, but with three, no way.

Josh said...

Yeah, my curiosity for three star bots didn't last long.

I started last night with all two stars and that didn't go so well at first, but I might try again tonight. I'm still learning the maps for the most part, which is a big part of this style of deathmatch.

Still, if you're playing against 2 three star bots, I'd say you're the contender right now. Just so long as I beat Brinstar... :)

Corvus said...

Good tips there, thanks Josh. I'm sure I'll have my ass handed to me by all of you!