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Monday, April 03, 2006

CTF in Metroid Hunters

The Brother brought his DS to the weekend fun and we managed to get a few rounds of multiplay out of the deal. He had, apparently, been practicing all week in an effort to school me. And learned I became. It wasn't for a few games that I started to get the hang of the mechanics in the game and remember at least some of the maps. I finally managed to tweak out a narrow victory in Capture The Flag.

Which is a very impressive gametype for Hunters. CTF is often team based to a fault. It's easy in a pickup game to have too many flag runners and too few defenders. With just 2v2, I wasn't expecting much from my bot teammate. I actually expected to be defending all the time while he went on his merry bot way. Instead, I never had to worry about the bot much and it behaved quite admirably. I often acted hoping that the bot would either handle the runner or pick up the flag I had just dropped or whatnot ... and it usually did. About four or five times, the bot really came through for me. The maps are also well suited, not claustrophobic but decently spaced.

GG, Nintendo.

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