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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bethesda Fixes Fallout 3 Ending (PS3 Probably Left Out)

Apparently the upcoming Broken Steel DLC will fix one of the major complaints about the game, the way the ending was handled.

Awesome - unless of course, you don't have access to the DLC. Actually, I see this as kind of a big jab with a pointy stick to all Fallout 3 fans. Bethesda is basically saying, "yeah, we screwed up - it was a pretty stupid way to end it. Now pay us if you want it better."

I get paying for extra content. But there's a more acceptable way of updating your game to fix stupid things that were done during development. It's called a patch. I get that Bethesda signed an exclusive for DLC, but why a) make users pay to correct a mistake and b) refuse to offer that fix for every player?

Update: Of course since this posting, DLC for PS3 has been announced...