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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Duke Nukem Forever Trailer - Stay Tuned?

So the DNF trailer that just hit is mildly entertaining, but since it doesn't end with "COMING 2008" - is ultimately only going to serve to continue what Duke Nukem Forever has served as for years now ... the butt of many an forum joke.

Honestly at this point I'd almost rather see a scene by scene remake with modern technology than anything else ... because nostalgia will be the only thing the title has going for it.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Great Simpsons Video In Copyright Fight

If you missed Simpsons on Sunday, you missed one of the better episodes ever. Sadly, the producers neglected to clear the background music for the 'Everyday' parody and so you'll have to wait before you can watch.

Alien Apocalypse Cover Goes Too Far

The movie is bad enough, and not bad in a "ha ha that's bad" way but in "oh my god stop the bleeding" kind of way. It's painful. Bad enough to see Renee drop to this level, but to see Bruce do it just makes you want to cry.

So how do you get people to buy or rent a movie like this? Well, when the only remarkable asset is a guy who did another movie which was actually good, make the poster look close enough that people might mistake it for that movie. And for the record, there isn't a single scene in Apocalypse which looks like that. Heck, there isn't even a scene with a background like that.

Trust me when I say - just rent the other movie.

Pac Man Meets Rubik's Art

A French street artist known as Space Invader created this brilliant piece for an exhibit called "The Streets of Europe." We're sure you recognize these troublesome ghosts from the Pac-Man franchise, which were made so retroliciously from Rubik's Cubes. The concept is so simple yet brilliant that we can't help but be awed.
-- Pac-Man and Rubik's Cubes make a marriage of artistic genius

Via The Brother's shared items.

Why The Internet Was Made

I found it via buttonmashing.

25. I'm pretty comfortable with that.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Dark Knight Trailers Looks Quite Excellent

Take a look for yourself. Ledger looks like he really owning the role as The Joker, which can't be too easy no matter what artistic changes hit the franchise if you're following Nicholson. And for Chicagoites, this movie looks to be a real treat as the city honestly looks like our city in these shots.

We'd be hitting this one just to see how our hood turns out.

Thanks Jamie.

Legos As Art

The Red Bull Diary seems to think these lego sculptures would qualify as art and by gum we'd agree.

For Sunday: Fan Boys

Thanks to teh Sterno. And yes, gentlemen, that is Kristen Bell you see there. You can start obsessing in ten, nine, eight...

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Note From Management: Sunday already?

Posts are slow, and I offer the following excuses. One - I was sick last week and essentially slept two days straight. My head is actually still a little out of sync with reality, a little confused with time zones. I couldn't sleep at all on Friday and ended up playing TF2 most of the night and then last night I could barely stay awake. Today is a little bit of a daze.

Also, I'm actually working on the Text the Halls contest over at TIGSource. I'm taking a completely different slant now, and we can blame the illustrious Derek Yu for pushing the focus to "something you can actually finish" for that one. And thank we should, because while a next iteration of the Carter interface is still on my plate - this new slant means I can probably actually just sit back and write the story (which was, I point out, the emphasis of the Carter framework in the first place). I've got a little more ActionScript to do and then afterwords I think I can write everything in basic HTML and JavaScript with very little of the latter.

The slant is this: Recognizing that many IF parsers are just guessing what the developer intended and turning that into a word game. If I make the deadline (which is really more like this Wednesday since shortly thereafter we're on the road) - I'll release it as a beta and as a an Apokalyptica present to you all.

Because yes, there are zombies.

Also, I've been adding more and more videos to the blog. This is part, and I kid not, that because of the Writer's strike my traffic has doubled with people looking for material to download. Hence, I'm trying to actually provide. No, I don't have all of Heroes Season Two available, but you gotta admit a girl sneaking up on Wii bowling is pretty damn close.