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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Note From Management: Sunday already?

Posts are slow, and I offer the following excuses. One - I was sick last week and essentially slept two days straight. My head is actually still a little out of sync with reality, a little confused with time zones. I couldn't sleep at all on Friday and ended up playing TF2 most of the night and then last night I could barely stay awake. Today is a little bit of a daze.

Also, I'm actually working on the Text the Halls contest over at TIGSource. I'm taking a completely different slant now, and we can blame the illustrious Derek Yu for pushing the focus to "something you can actually finish" for that one. And thank we should, because while a next iteration of the Carter interface is still on my plate - this new slant means I can probably actually just sit back and write the story (which was, I point out, the emphasis of the Carter framework in the first place). I've got a little more ActionScript to do and then afterwords I think I can write everything in basic HTML and JavaScript with very little of the latter.

The slant is this: Recognizing that many IF parsers are just guessing what the developer intended and turning that into a word game. If I make the deadline (which is really more like this Wednesday since shortly thereafter we're on the road) - I'll release it as a beta and as a an Apokalyptica present to you all.

Because yes, there are zombies.

Also, I've been adding more and more videos to the blog. This is part, and I kid not, that because of the Writer's strike my traffic has doubled with people looking for material to download. Hence, I'm trying to actually provide. No, I don't have all of Heroes Season Two available, but you gotta admit a girl sneaking up on Wii bowling is pretty damn close.

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