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Monday, December 17, 2007

Dark Knight Trailers Looks Quite Excellent

Take a look for yourself. Ledger looks like he really owning the role as The Joker, which can't be too easy no matter what artistic changes hit the franchise if you're following Nicholson. And for Chicagoites, this movie looks to be a real treat as the city honestly looks like our city in these shots.

We'd be hitting this one just to see how our hood turns out.

Thanks Jamie.


Thomas said...

Thank the gods for VLC.

Ledger's almost unrecognizable, isn't he? The laugh is excellent, but it's a little incongruous (perhaps intentionally) how the footage shown is never of the Joker smiling or laughing.

Josh said...

His voice actually made me wonder if I had remembered it wrong and Ledger wasn't in the role anymore.

I could see them accidentally going "too dark" with Joker - although I'm good with a psychopath being portrayed as such, so it will be interesting.