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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Catch Up: iPhone Games, Spaced, Hellboy II

Cathode has been a little neglected, partially due to NaNo, partially due to being on the road a considerable amount, and now partially because the main device I both watch movies and play games on is a cold brick. So here's a little make up before the holidays and even more travel steal me away:

iPhone Games
Kelly of University Reviews sent along this list of little known iPhone games, which includes more than a handful that I haven't seen yet. Perhaps burned by Soul Trapper, I think about 95% of my iPhone gaming is still Lux.

Simon Pegg's (Shaun Of The Dead) old school BBC comedy is finally on DVD and well worth the rent. It's a direct heritage to the kind of pop culture infused, rapid shot, medium brow comedy that makes the movies great.

Hellboy II
I wanted to like the first one, but honestly it was a bit of a mishmash plotwise and hard to sign on. Hellboy II plays it safer, with a plot that is perhaps a bit more formulaic and shallow - but much more consistent and solid. This feels like what the first movie should have been, a fun popcorn flick with unique and interesting visuals.