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Friday, April 07, 2006

Mixed Blessings

Boot Camp has brought a lot of talk lately, and there is probably more than one person finding joy in running PC games on a Mac. Short version is that they run a lot better than their Mac counterparts. To some extent, that's a good thing ... because now Macheads can keep pace with Windows gamers without having to shell out for another slab of hardware.

Then again ... it leads me to want more for native OS X gaming. I won't expect modern ports to behave at the exact same speed as the platform they were originally developed for, sure, but I want to think that OS X can run games with the best of them ... or at least could be made to run games with the best of them. And I'm not sure dual booting Macbooks will help force game developers or Apple to get there.

Course, it's raining outside. So maybe I'm just daydreaming.

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