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Monday, April 03, 2006

Quick Grue Updates

I updated the Grue Demo with Clamatius' edits as well as removing the action penalty for "misses" and accordingly adding in a "cancel" option to the interaction prompt (to keep from forcing the player to choose an unwanted action). Soon, I'll probably make "you" a globally recognized noun for holding things like "wait" and perhaps other common function. I might put out another demo to illustrate other possible concepts like time-based text and dynamic character interactions. I've considered making The Tell-Tale Heart my next target and it might be a good place to explore both of those ideas.

It's nice, though, to be able to use Grue as a sandbox. Moving the changes to Randolph Carter is as simple as copying a file.

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Josh said...

I've also moved the Rewind functionality into a prompt, so that it won't try to wilfully destroy your progress if you decide not to use it.

Clamatius said...

More typos:

"Aside from it's clearly mythical"

should be

"Aside from its clearly mythical"

"Nothing at hand, you fears"

should be

"Nothing at hand, your fears"

"You feel safe within it's"

should be

"You feel safe within its"

Josh said...

Updated, thanks again. Damn I was sloppy, considering how little text there is in Grue. Course, between meetings and sucking down coffee isn't normally my ideal writing situation...