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Friday, April 07, 2006

This is the sound ... when a 360 dies ...

Is a Prince reference too 80's for a Friday? Yes. Yes it is.

Stumbled on this interesting description of 360 death on

Alright, it’s official, my XBox 360 just died. I’m having the infamous 3 flashing red lights. This isn’t the first time my XBox 360 has had this problem, but before, unplugging the machine, removing the hard drive and memory cards, giving it some time, and booting back up used to fix. However, this time, nothing could save my XBox.

Three flashing lights. How very HAL of you, Microsoft.

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1 comment:

Jeffool said...

Hey, Prince is never too anything for anything, good sir. :D

Actually the 'flashing red circle' is how my Xbox died on me last year.