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Monday, April 03, 2006

Curse You Visual Studio

Damn, Visual Studio bites. Hard. I get to work this morning, still weary from a weekend long combination of Christmas, moving and a flea market and boot up the work PC. I open the project we've been working on for the last month or so, just like I have every day for the last month or so and .... Visual Studio has lost the bindings. It's just not quite sure what it did with them and apparently is having some kind of spat with Source Safe and isn't talking to it anymore.

Nothing's changed on the project since I left on Friday. Nothing has changed in source control. The only difference is that I turned my computer off. Apparently Windows is unstable enough that it can screw up your productivity ... even when it's off. That's quality.

So it took me about a half hour of futile pleading with Studio to do what it's supposed to, and then another twenty minutes or so getting the project set back up ... in order to fix a problem that should have taken five minutes.


Oh, and Outlook crashed. By trying to load. Brilliant.


Winkyboy said...

It is AMAZING how often this happens, considering it shouldn't EVER happen. UGH.

Josh said...

Yeah, I find Studio's flaky relationship with Source Safe a major problem.

Just last week I walked over to a co-worker's to help with a problem. She pulled up the file and I pointed to the line to edit. She typed something, and Studio preceeded to freak out a bit ... updating the file and then offering a prompt to check out ... but the file had changed so she didn't check it out.

Except that Studio had allowed the edit anyway. Pretty much breaking the fundamental rule of source control...

Clamatius said...

I will not use SourceSafe for a variety of technical and personal reasons.

The last time I had to use it I had to keep a bag on my desk to breathe into in case of emergency. It was that bad.

Piece of trivia: Microsoft itself does not use SourceSafe internally - it uses an internal project called Source Depot.

Michael Birk said...

Visual SourceSafe?!? Oh man, you've got it worse than I realized. Sorry 'cuz!

Josh said...

I know. It's sad. Pity me.

Sympathy .... sympathy .... sympathy.

Seriously, we're so under Microsoft's thumb it's not funny. We're about to pay them all sorts of licensing fees for the next version of Studio which will probably wipe out all the deals and breaks we've gotten over the last couple years.

david said...

ick, Source Safe. We switched to Subversion a while ago and have been very happy with it.

We had all kinds of issues with Source Safe: Annoying file locking, weird errors, speed (dog slow over a vpn), and it ate a few files. Missing files and speed are what finally drove us to something else.