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Monday, October 09, 2006

Wired Gets Hands On With Bully

Anti-game fanatics beware! If Bully teaches people anything, it might be to actually play a game before protesting it. Wired's Clive Thompson reports:

I laid into the kid with a flurry of punches, including a punishing uppercut I'd been taught by an alcoholic Vietnam vet. Wham, wham, wham: Pretty soon I'd pummeled my opponent into the ground. And for my brutal finishing move?

I leaned over and gave him a hand up. I lectured him about the importance of not bullying defenseless kids, and he apologized, promising that he wouldn't be such a meanie any more.

Then we became friends.

This was, I confess, not quite what I expected when I first heard about Bully, the hotly anticipated new title from Rockstar Games. Indeed, it's not what anyone expected.
-- Bully for You

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