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Friday, October 13, 2006

Lost: The Scooby Doo Theory

Let's take a different slant on Lost - let's believe the producers/writers when they say everything has an explanation.

In fact - take it one step farther ... everything is rational and explainable. No Star Trek style psuedo-science. No voodoo. Just cold hard facts.

Well ... maybe not hard facts. Remember Scooby Doo? Remember how in the end there would always be a "simple" explanation for everything? But one that Velma explained so quickly you didn't really question it? I'm guessing that in part - that's where Lost is taking us.

For instance - the creepy hallucinations everyone keeps having? And the weird voices? Drugs. Perhaps they were drugged on the plane or Ethan/Goodwin started slipping them the ganja when they infilitrated camp. The monster sounds like a train ... perhaps because the monster is a train. An underground tram system to get quickly from point A (say Otherville) to point B. The train and tunnels also explain how people disappear/appear so quickly.

The Others aren't telepathic ... just clever and well-connected. They didn't teleport onto the sailboat or anything ... they just snuck up in a raft like the military does (Ben does, after all, say to "organize a team" and we know of at least one ex-soldier having been recruited).

To date - I can think of only three things truly difficult to explain: miracle healing, telepathic smoke and whatever electromagnetic cloak keeps the island invisible and people from sailing away.

But I wouldn't be surprised to see someone pull Ben's face off like a rubber mask and explain that it's all done simply with a couple of mirrors, an old dust mop and this handy backup generator.

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Josh said...

Other examples:

Locke's "vision" of the monster - also just drugs. Note that he and Kate both speak of actually seeing the monster but neither describes it.

Hurley's Bad Luck - is actually just bad luck. Coincedence, not fate.

Kate's horse - is just a horse. Happens to be on the island, just like the boars and bears. Not like black is that uncomon of a color.

I'm actually willing to slack and say that the healing and cloak are simply "the island did it".

Only the smoke's ability to read minds doesn't seem easily explained.

Troy Goodfellow said...

I'm just accepting that everything won't be explained. The healing will be some pseudoscientific magnetism gobbledygook, the visions of Walt will be part of a mental projection/remote viewing experiment and any outlying facts will folded into some of this crap.

Josh said...

I'm actually guessing it will be a mix - but some will "oh, it's simply..." and others will be "it's a cloud of mirrors".

At this point, though, I think the producers need to start coughing more goods that give viewers belief that this will at least start coming together.