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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Bully To Be Shown To Judge

Thompson is claiming that this represents a "huge victory against the violent video game industry, regardless of the ultimate ruling on the injunction." This would be the first time that a judge has ever asked to review a game before its public release. Currently, Bully is scheduled for release on Tuesday by Take Two and Wal-Mart, who are the targets of Thompson's legal action.

The judge will not actually play the game, although it would be funny if he did. Instead, a Take Two employee will play the game under direction from the judge for the 100 hours. Hopefully they have comfortable couches and plenty of snacks
for the duration. If the judge finds the game to be acceptable, it will ship on Tuesday as planned. If, however, the judge decides that the game is not acceptable, he will issue a temporary restraining order banning the sale of the game to minors.
-- Bully gets bullied (Ars Technica)

It's a little chilling that a single judge would even consider halting a game when Thompson is unable to prove any form of substantial harm to be attributed to the sell of any video game - anywhere. Still, it sounds like Thompson will be disappointed in the content of Bully - which is considerably more tame than the much easier to complain about Grand Theft Auto.

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