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Thursday, October 12, 2006

TV Watch: Third Week Check-In

Is really starting to drag. I get the impression the writers are deeply afraid of their own premise and feel the need to overexplain everything about twice. Every scene in this episode had a least a margin of "get on with it" and sometimes a dash of "what the hell". I mean, who drives all the way out to Grandma's just to pick a fight, threaten her and leave? It seemed an implausible way to pull out background information. And "genes for flying" just sounds dumb. Instead of being difficult to understand, the show is bordering on droll and pedestrian.

Veronica Mars
I think Neptune fans will need to accept that the show will never reach the gooey goodness of Season One again. S1 felt almost like a movie in and of itself ... and sadly S2 and 3 are feeling like sequels. There's still lots of watchable material here - but Season 3 feels odd with Logan playing the dutiful boyfriend and Keith being so detached from Veronica's daily adventures. Not that college isn't about detachment a bit - but slide us into a little.

Still, the show maintains some of it's grit and complexity. Mars doesn't necessarily shine because of its polish - but because we find the lead character compelling, interesting and fallible. That core is still going strong.

Studio 60
I just love it to death. Television hasn't made me this happy since Sports Night hit DVD.

I'll break into a Lost and/or Battlestar song and dance alter.


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