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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Video Game Decency Act Submitted

The newly proposed H.R.6120, titled the 'Video Game Decency Act of 2006', was drafted by Upton in order to “prohibit deceptive acts and practices” on the part of developers and publishers in an effort to benefit from a less restrictive ESRB rating. According to the wording of the bill, any failing to disclose such content will be treated as an “unfair or deceptive act or practice affecting commerce” as judged by the Federal Trade Commission Act.

Upton introduced the legislation with the assistance of Illinois Democrat, representative Bobby Rush, along with ten other co-sponsors. Commented senator Upton on his bill, “This legislation will restore parents’ trust in a system in which game makers had previously done an end-run around the process to deliver violent and pornographic material to our kids. Parents across the country can breathe a sigh of relief as this legislation goes hand in hand with the mission of the industry’s own ratings system.”
-- Gamasutra - Video Game Decency Act of 2006 Introduced To Senate

By the way, that's the same Bobby Rush who is against network neutrality ... so clearly this are lawmakers in touch with how technology really works (*ahem*).

Until lawmakers are actually willing to acknowledge the disconnect between parents, their kids and the media - this will just be dance, puppets, dance and much gnashing of teeth. I'm perfectly willing to accept that the ESRB could use some adjustments, but I don't think a larger font size will be stopping the number reason why kids play games like Grand Theft Auto ... because adults buy it for them.

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