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Friday, October 13, 2006

VoodooPC Talks About HP

DT: You guys decided to back in touch with HP after Dell acquired Alienware. Did Dell's acquisition of Alienware play any role in the decision processes between HP and VoodooPC?

RS: No, as a matter of fact Michael Dell contacted me directly at some point in November of 2005. We didn't really align in our way of thinking - it seemed that Dell was more interested in "moving their needle" for topline sales. HP, on the other hand, didn't buy Voodoo because they needed sales. HP acquired Voodoo because we derived a strategy that made sense - and rather than working seperate from one another and competing we decided it made much more sense to work together to help build HP's newly formed gaming business unit.

DT: Do you view the marriage with HP as vital in order for VoodooPC to stay competitive?

RS: We believe the marriage with HP is vital to keep the PC industry innovative. HP has killer innovative abilities in HP Labs, and Voodoo can help commercialize many of these innovations in a matter of time. ..and let's face it, the Windows PC industry has been somewhat dull up until now. We plan to change that.
-- DailyTech - VoodooPC Shares All About HP Acquisition

It's weird seeing all this moving and shaking going on ... and yet I'm probably at the farthest away from getting even a medium range gaming PC than I've ever been. At this point, a Windows PC is mostly attractive to me as a vehicle for XNA studio, should I go down that path. I'm not sure if it's that I'm more interested in development these days or more interested in couch coop style games - or that $300-$600 consoles are really getting that much more attractive than $1500-$2500 rigs.

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