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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Lost: EvilGoogle or Telepathy

"Glass Ballerina" - definately an uptick from last week's episode - if for no other reason than Jin and Sun's backstory seemed more relevant to the current story.

The big question I've still got is how The Others know all the names of the people who were on the plane, what they look like, who they were married to, etc. I mean, it's one thing to get a tape of the World Series - it's another to get a complete biography based on an airline manifest.

Course, Hano is presumably a big evil corporation. Maybe they just EvilGoogle "airplane crash" and get all the info they need in high def green on black screens.

I'm still holding out that The Others have some kind of paranormal going on. If we believe Benry's statement that he was born on this island ... maybe he's not an ex-Dharmite but the experiment the ex-Dharmite was working on. I mean, maybe Ben didn't mean "ten minutes" to be actually ten minutes - but that's a short period of time to learn everyone's name (EvilGoogle), run across an island (OK - maybe they have modern transport we don't know of), find wreckage (GPS?) and blend in (CIA training?). Just seems odd still. I suppose if we eliminated the speed problem with some kind of transport and assume there's also an underground communication system - they could recon the survivors in a few days and gather info before kidnapping "good" people.

Sawyer's escape attempt certainly didn't seem to be blocked by superpowers - just Juliet grabbing Kate. Were they holding back or are they simply human?

Again, we see The Others adhering to a Walden II style existence and clearly Jack, Kate and Sawyer are now officially part of some kind of behavior experiment. Makes one wonder what Jack will be expected to "cooperate" with ... but I'm hoping it's nothing cliche like "you must kill either Kate or Sawyer ... your choice".

EDIT: With that - some speculation online about whether the Others are building something or this is just behavioral busywork. I'm kinda thinking it's both. Walden II preached structured labor for the community. The Others are clearly active.

I still feel like a lot of the intensity and mystery of Season 1 has diminished. I'm glad to see Smokey is probably a core feature of next week - I'm guessing/hoping that it will actually be resolved. So many open questions about the little bizarre things (visions, voices, radio signals, polar bears) seem to be hanging.

Speaking of which - now that we're in OtherTown ... where's the missing kids?

Oh yeah - and also ... what of Ben "always living on this island". He's too old to have been born into DHARMA, so maybe he was brought here at a young age. So my other big question is - are these ex-Dharmites ... or the expirements themselves? Ben and Bearded Guy both seem to revere Hanso ... perhaps in a fatherlike way?

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