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Monday, October 09, 2006

Battlestar's Back

Out of all the shows I've seen start up this season, Battlestar is easily the one that hit the ground running. Following on the heels of last season's twisty ending - there are no punches being pulled. The show manages to take a bleak view of a battered human condition and make you want more and more.

Spoilers below, so if you haven't caught up yet - stop reading and just go watch.

Two seasons ago, I never would have expected this show to take on the idea of Cylons and humans so intertwined. I would have expected a pretty standard war formula of secret missions and risky assaults. Largely, that was season two. Now, it would seem, we're in the thick of things. So far it seems to be paying off well. The writers have a rich blend of interactions to pull from and with that we're getting political and psychological dramas that makes previous material seem old hat and cliche. Between Starbuck repeatedly killing the Cylon who professes to love her and Apollo "losing his edge" - it's like we get to see all new angles of the characters we've grown to know.

Since most of the shows seem to pitch a softball this week, Battlestar looks to have a start which could prove it's best season yet.

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Thomas said...

It is so frustrating getting other people to understand how good this show is.

The fact that wingnuts are wigging out about the parallels with the War on the Noun is just icing on the cake.

Josh said...

I just love that the show doesn't take itself for granted. There is no "that worked great before ... so let's just keep that going" feeling to the plot.

The Girl is not a fan - she found it too melodramatic. I've stopped trying to convince her - but with the way the show arcs it might finally catch her attention this season.

I think the political aspects of the premiere was very smartly done. Course, most of the wingnuts will take exception to anything outside their daily briefing.