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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Lost Thoughts: Tale of Two Cities

Thing I like about Lost is that it still gives me something to chew on. I'm not saying the show doesn't have some flaws, but it's still fun to puzzle over. Couple things about last weeks that are sticking with me:

How does one run across the island to a specific location in ten minutes and gather "lists" of people one doesn't know?
I mean, Benry's commands to Ethan/Goodwin were specific and on the spot. Ten minutes is not much time to do anything on the fly. I can barely find my keys in that period of time. What kind of abilities do The Others have that makes this plausible?

Maybe those "voices" in the jungle are just The Others moving really quick?

Also, Juliet punched out Jack mighty easily.

Sometimes your intel is just too good...
This goes with the whole "list" thing. Just how do they know everyone's name? They also seem to be aware of their background. If they didn't expect the plane to go down (which I'm slowly accepting as true) ... they wouldn't have had the manifest list or anything.

Old Smokey seems to be the big clue here. Smoke cloud that can show people's memories. People who can read minds? I know the producers have said things are "explainable" but we're sliding into the metaphysical quickly it seems.

So we (maybe) have people who are super-strong, super-quick and can read minds. They all also seem quite intelligent (and manipulative). We have an underground project designed to better humanity to save the world. Maybe The Others are neuvo Cybermen - enhanced beyond normal humanity and coldly calculating?

Now that's a skinner box
I thought it was funny watching sites talk about S1 or S2 in terms of a skinner box ... when they're actually pretty specific devices. Sawyer is definately in one (apparently originally designed for polar bears ... fish bars and all) and Jack's cage is pretty similar in design to one too (Juliet is response control there). SBox's are used for one thing - behavior modification. So what are they being trained for?

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