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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Dropout Goes Pro Gamer

Okay, so we have this kid (even if he's 18, old fogies over 40 still call anyone under 25 "kid") named Tom Taylor, and he dropped out of high school. The reason? He wanted to play more video games. As expected, people were skeptical about his chances.

Well, to his credit he’s now known as Tsquared on the gaming circuit; he’s signed a 250,000-dollar contract; he’s got a publicist, a financial adviser, and media training; and, he has a video game tutoring business. Cool, huh? He’s one of about a hundred professional gamers associated with Major League Gaming. If they play well, pros might be able to bring home around a few grand each month.
-- Dropout earns big (

Well, bully for him. Rest of us have to work for a living :P Seriously though - it makes one remember that it wasn't so long that the concept of a professional gamer was still an idea mostly reserved for scorn and mockery. Now - mostly envy.

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1 comment:

Troy Goodfellow said...

Oh, there's still plenty of room for scorn and mockery. They are the lifeblood of the internet.