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Thursday, March 02, 2006

PC World Skeptical on Origami.

Some say it's an iPod killer ... others that it's just another revision of Microsoft's lackluster Tablet PC concept. PC World, it seems, isn't all that concerned:

"Don't get too excited about the speculation surrounding Microsoft's possible update Thursday of a new handheld device called Origami. After the company began its viral marketing campaign earlier this week, I talked to some analysts familiar with the project. The general consensus appears to be that, although the device appears to be real, it might not live up to all the hype.


"One analyst, who confirmed that rampant Web buzz claiming Origami is a large, handheld, Windows-like device is accurate--said that ultimately he believes that Origami will be a niche product, appealing mostly to women rather than a large audience. "He said that it is unlikely Microsoft will reveal the full details of the product on Thursday: "Origami is a product, but the timing is what it is. It's not an iPod killer. (The frenzy is) the nature of stealth marketing, and people's imaginations get inflamed."
-- Skepticism About Microsoft Handheld

I'm not going to hold my breath today. No more than usual at least.

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