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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Gimme A Key

The recent talk of Origami, the Nintendo DS Lite ... that apparently failed PSP keyboard ... gets me thinking. The DS Lite is nice, and might yet make it's way into the gaming family over at the Steamer Bar (pet name for my apartment), but I'd rather see a DS model that was more deluxe than lite.

I want a keyboard. Yup. I've been spoiled by the Sharp Zaurus and now I want a keyboard. Make it slide out and have thumb sized keys. It's like this Nintendo - virtual keyboards suck. Yes, they suck. Sure ... we can use them in a pinch, but we don't want to because they suck. I'd be able to chat faster in Animal Crossing and trash talk in Metroid (when it comes out).

And let's not even mention how much easier Opera would be with a keyboard. Actually, let's. It would be much, much easier.

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