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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

In-Game Advertising? You Haven't Seen Nothin' Yet.

Check out these charts on the growth of online advertising, particularly ingame advertising. I'm not the best statistician in the world, but I can see that what is a little itty bitty bar in 2003 becomes a huge ass bar by 2009. Eeeep.

First day I see a billboard in my Animal Crossing town ... I flee.

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lordxixor101 said...

I think game publishers need to be careful here. A well placed product in a game might be a bonus (drinking a coke instead of a cola in Shnemue isn't going to hurt anything, even if it's a colorful pop machine). But, what about pizza hut billboards in GTA? I think that would effect the atmosphere of the town.

My biggest worry is in game commercials. They already have advertisment breaks for free online games at POGO if you aren't paying, but its a free site. People put up with it though. Also, how many DVD's do you have where you have to watch advertising to get to the movie? I have a DVD for my 2 year old nephew where you have to watch 10 minutes of advertisment before the movie each time. It can be fast forwarded, but not skipped. It's rediculous when you spend $20 on something and then your subjected to this. Will people spend $50-$60 on a game and then wait every 20 minutes to watch a 30 second commercial? Or everytime you turn the game on?

Of course, if anything radical happens, they'll do it on a must play game first, so you'll suffer through it. Then, afterwards, it'll just become part of the bargain.

Josh said...

That's a good point. No to mention that there is nothing but faith and market pressure keeping them from inserting a 30 second ad before a game intro.