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Thursday, March 02, 2006

IGN on Video Game Violence

Thanks goes to The Brother for pointing this out, since browsing for gaming news has been declared taboo here at work. IGN has an excellent article on the impact of violent video games, echoing several things I've written about in the past. Here's one of my favorite points:

Despite the relatively small market share these Mature games have garnered, it hasn't stopped our lawmakers from latching on to them and turning them into a political focal point.
-- The Impact of Violent Videogames

See, the politicos can't get any attention out of this if, as the truth would tell us ... there isn't really a problem. They like to hem and haw about how tragic it is that in 25 to Life you can shoot a police officer ... but they forget to mention that we don't have a generation of cop killers. Batjack likes to talk about his handful of successful sting operations, but neglects to point out that the majority of games are sold to adults.

As such, the game industry is left defending itself not just for a crime it hasn't committed ... but one that hasn't occured.

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