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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

More Phone Weirdness

No sooner do I ask "what will cell phones try next" when the Internet giveth an answer:

We might see some really weird developments. In China, Lenovo now sells a cellphone that can puff out a scent. It's like a ring tone, except more of a smell tone. Your girlfriend calls, you get a whiff of perfume. If Starbucks gets hold of this and combines it with GPS, you might round a corner and get a whiff of mocha latte and a map to the nearest outlet.

And then there's Samsung hiring the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology to create "living" cellphones. "A three-dimensional avatar will lurk inside the cellphone and adjust itself to characteristics of the cellphone carriers," The Korea Times reports. "Its personality can get better or worse depending on how people treat it."
-- Top popped on what cellphone technology can do for us

Yeah, that's what I want ... a tamagotchi cell phone. That way it can be bitch me out even before I get bad news over the phone. But hey, maybe it can yell at telemarketers for me...

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