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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Hurley Loves Video Games

Jorge Garcia , who plays Hurley on Lost, is also an avid player of both card games and video games. When The Trades sat down with Garcia, he gave his thoughts on what a Lost game might be like:

“When you think about the logistics of turning Lost into a video game, it would be really tough,” he remarks. “Lost has actually been described in many ways as a video games at times, where you can be searching around on the island for awhile and then finally discover the hatch – the way we did on the show. You’d really have to be able to make it like one of those big sandbox format video games, where you can go off and go to a lot of different areas. I think the best way to do the game, too, would be after you solve it at the end, if they let you restart the game as an Other.
-- Jorge Garcia: By the Numbers

Sounds like a deal. I'd offer up a cabin story format, where one player is an Other and the others are trying to figure out who it might be. I just hope we don't see a Lost MMO in the future.

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