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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Lost: Contradictions

I'm a bit sleepy today and just now ingesting the morning coffee, so if this doesn't make entire sense ... bear with me.

Last night's episode was pretty good. I liked Rosseau in this one. She's now at the top of my list of people I'd be happy to be trapped on the island with. Provided you can convince her you're not "infected", I'd say your chances of survival would be greatly increased.

There is, though, something twisty turny about the infection angle on the island. Ethan's group was injecting Claire with a "vaccine". Yet, Rosseau is fearful of anyone who is "infected". The "quarantine" exists outside the island, not inside. So how is it that Ethan's group, apparently "safe" inside ... are the ones we should be worried about?

Plus, who sent Claire to the island? Was it a simple mistake and she was really supposed to go to LA? I'm doubtful, with all the connections and coincidences ... everything seems orchestrated to get these people to this island. A fact supported by the probability that Ethan's group "landed" the plane there ... and then proceeeded to cull out the children and "good" people. The theatrical glue, the timing, the little passenger plane mobile ... everything points to the plane being a delivery ... not an accident.

Theatrical glue also makes me think that Zeke's group pulled a fast one on Jack. But if Alex with Zeke is Alex with Ethan ... maybe they are all the same group?

So what is the real illness here? Was Desmond injecting himself with a vaccine? Why, if he wasn't in the quarantine? Because he came from outside? Does Ethan's group define "good" as "curable" or "immune"? It seems like if we traced the events from Ethan's point of view, starting with the crash ... it might make more sense. But it's way too early for me to try that right now...

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Brinstar said...

Ah, I missed last night's ep. I was participating in a focus group, but now I'm $125.00 richer.

Josh said...

It was a good one, but I don't think there was much that couldn't be recapped fairly easily.

Or iTunes ... the Lost devotee's best friend :)