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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Apple's Missing Piece

The releases of yesterday haven't exactly wowed people on Apple. The Intel Mac Mini in particular is a little bittersweet. However, in talking to a fellow Apple geek today ... I realized that it's easy to harp on something when you are only seeing half the picture. My main complaint is that Apple didn't release a super cheap Mini ... nor did they greatly enhance it's TV loving.

But I had forgotten the mumblevine crop which completes the picture. AirTunes Express ... with video. If I could set iTunes up to play my music and video library over to the television. Well, that would be styling. No need to hook the mini up directly to the television if it can be streamed there.

Sadly, though, while I think that's a really neat potential strategy ... it might fubar any idea of letting the Mini be a living room gaming console.

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