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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

MS Origami = Tablet PC 2.0

This ZDNet column does a fine job of clarifying the potential of the Microsoft Origami in that it's most likely not a PSP or Nintendo DS market device, but rather an extension of the previous niche for Tablet PC's:

Those are still Microsoft's goals when it comes to its much talked-about Origami project. However, the first Origami devices, which are set to arrive before the end of April, will likely not reach those lofty ideals. Instead, the machines are likely to start somewhere near that $800 mark and have battery life that hovers around four hours, according to a source familiar with the first-generation products.

Not that there is anything wrong with that sort of thing, you understand. I have this cousin who can be like that and everyone still loves him just fine.

Seriously, it's not a bad concept ... in addition to Microsoft's own tablet, Nokia's web tablets are starting to break out these kinds of devices and there's always been rumors of Apple making a bizarre iPod/Newton/Mac love child. But just because it can play Halo doesn't mean Nintendo has anything to worry about.

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