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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

A Blogger Phone ... Because Why?

Sony Ericsson has released a phone which is linked to Google and Blogger (and if you are behind on your quota of funny pics of execs posing witha phone to their ear, there you go). This reminds me distinctly of the iTunes phone in that it's very difficult to see what people are thinking here. Gee, send pics and text to a blog? From a phone? How 2003. Like playing music, this is nothing my current phone doesn't already do.

Could phone convergence be coming to an end? We've shoved a PDA in there, added a camera and let browse the web and play games, music and movies. GPS? I dunno. It seems like beefier services, like concierge and roadside assistance, might be in order ... but I'm pretty certain Cingular already offers me that as well. Time for Ghost In The Shell style telepathy I guess.

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