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Saturday, September 03, 2005

OS X Elite

Someone who goes by the handle Aegidian created a remake of Bell & Braben's classic space trading sim Elite for OS X, of which I'm sure a couple of you are familiar. Called Oolite, it's a pretty masterful reproduction of the original with only a few tweaks here and there for modernization. The graphics especially have an overhaul and now ships sport different skins, objects have lighting effects, etc.

Best of all - it's released unthe Creative Commons License and has the full source code. So if you wanted to use Oolite to create a free version of Privateer, or make a networked version, or well .... whatever ... there ya go. I played the heck out of it last night and found myself thinking near blasphemy of ways to update the gameplay, but fortunately I'm probably too busy to attempt such heresy just now.

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