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Monday, August 29, 2005

Cathode Sitting

Oh, the delights of the Internet. I just got this in the old inbox:

Hi there,

I'm writing because I'd really like to link to your site from mine. I have a site dedicated to locating cat sitters all over the United States.

Hi back. I'm curious to the kind of cat sitter that doesn't know the difference between a furry, four-legged mammal with a fondness for herbs and a glass cone intended for the transmission of video images. The idea of paying someone to come by while I'm gone and making sure that my 32" television doesn't get into any mischief seems a bit odd.

But it gets better.

You can add your link to all 16,000+ pages of the site by filling out the form located here

PLEASE do not share that URL with anybody, since I am very particular about which sites get added to my related sites section and I don't want that form to get abused by link spammers.

Uh yeah. You know, my grammy used to have a word for someone who sent other unsolicited emails to sites that they've clearly never even visited. What was it? Was it ... a ... spammer? I believe it was.

Because I'm a kind soul, I won't post the link ... though I don't normally suffer such hypocrites lightly.

1 comment:

Perdita said...

Don't take it so hard.
This is a spamilicious work of art