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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Oh Holoholo

Try saying that three times fast.

By way of popgadget (which I stumbled on thanks to Brinstar) I found this site which sells Holoholos. Unfortunately the site is in all Japanese.

Holoholos, since you asked, are tiny shrimp which feed off of microscopic bacteria and are one of the few aquatic pets which require less maintanence than a betta but are more interesting than your average sea monkey. They're kinda sea monkeys on steriods if you will. A co-worker of mine had one on his desk and they're actually pretty nifty. Have no idea how to get one stateside though.


Brinstar said...

Back in the day, I used to work at this store (which the Discovery Channel Store chain put out of business, I believe) that sold something very similar. They were called "Ecospheres". So maybe you could do a search for Ecospheres? Brookstone or Sharper Image might carry them as well...

Josh said...

You're brilliant. A google brings up plenty of stores as well.

Corvus said...

"I am not a shrimp. I am a King Prawn!" -Pepe

I'll bet neither I or the missus would be allergic to these. I'll have to tell her about them.