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Monday, August 29, 2005

Jackass Video Game

Never having been a big fan of the show, it's hard for me to respond to the following without using a broad and snarky brush:

The lifelong San Rafael resident's audience was Jeff Tremaine, director, producer and co-creator of "Jackass," the popular MTV show about a group of zany stunt men and extreme sports enthusiasts with high thresholds of pain and rather unique ways of exploring that threshold.

Aldridge, the founder and chief executive officer of Sausalito-based video game publisher Red Mile Entertainment, needed to convince Tremaine and his colleagues that Red Mile could create a video game based on "Jackass" that would reflect the, well, unique tone and content of the show itself.

"These guys are some crazy guys, and they're going to want to see a game that reflects that," Aldridge said. "The game's got to match what those guys would like to see."
-- Game maker scores rights to 'Jackass'

I foresee the first ever minigame involving a shopping cart and a hill. I wonder if you get extra points for inadvertently cracking a skull. Maybe the special edition will come with a taser? I wonder how the ESRB will rate this ... "please kids, don't trying this at home?"

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