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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Brief List of Nude Demands

Here are the games that people have been trying to find nude/sex patches/mods for ... and failing to do so when they land here:

Guild Wars
World of Warcraft
Unreal Tournament 2003/2004
Half-Life 2
Grand Theft Auto (all of them)
Sims (1 & 2)
Neverwinter Nights
Star Wars: Galaxies
God of War
Leisure Suit Larry (version not specified)
Playboy: The Mansion

I keep waiting for LEGO Star Wars to show up, but thankfully nobody has stooped that far yet ... although I swear there was a Mario game in there I've forgotten. The last three seem just silly, though, considering the content which is already in the game. Cortana is a fan favorite, that is for darn sure, and Guild Wars is a very common request.


Troy Goodfellow said...

A SWAT 4 nude patch? People want to raid a brothel?

Jeffool said...

I read this before, but I just read it again and... Why do people want a 'nude patch/mod' for Playboy: The Mansion? What the hell?

Isn't it full of naked women anyway? (I haven't played it, but I'd think it a safe assumption...)