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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Dev Day Diary: It's a game!

So, I have rocks in space, a ship to shoot them, shields to protect the ship, ore to collect and ways of dying. I have a setting, I have game dynamics, I have a score and I have risk. So it's a game now, right?

Technically, yes, but it's a very suckass one. However, it's the most I've completed in a while, so it feels pretty good. I need to add an outpost or base and then work out the store mechanics, which should help flush out the rest of the framework I need to start setting up factions, enemy ships, missions, etc., and essentially the rest of Atlas which will make it actually fun.

Unfortunately, I found Pixen to be unsuable beyond 64x64 images. It just freaks out. This is fine for a lot of the graphics in the game, actually, but when I'm trying to design a large structure, it's just not very realistic. So I'm trying a few other proggies. I tried the vector-based Inkscape that Corvus recommended, but it's not friendly with Tiger (it thinks I need X11 ... I have X11). I had just started to play with Intaglio, a similar program, when the allergy medicine kicked in and rendered my brain fairly useless.

On the hardware front, I think I can get a cheap AGP and DDR based PC which will take most of my equipment. Right now I'm looking at a $250 Celeron D based workstation, which when I'm done with it will have 1GB RAM, a 9700 Pro, an Audigy and a 120GB drive. The D is definately a bottleneck, but reviews I've read are far more favorable than I imagined, and I can probably at least run the games I need ... even if they won't be pretty. It's better than spending $700-$1400 and basically having duplicate HD's or RAM ... or an mboard that won't take the 9700.

Worst part is noise. I do love the silence of the mini.


Corvus said...

Congrats on a demi-completed project! Screens?

Josh said...

I might post one this week, just as a memorial before I attempt to pretty them up. Since right now they consist largely of small images I took less than a half hour to cobble together (probably an hour in all), it's quite the sight :)

shane said...

What software did you use to create it?

Josh said...

Torque 2D. It's early adopter, hence very unpolished (and unfinished), but I've been pretty pleased with it so far. The only other tool I've used is Pixen, a free pixel-based image editor for OSX.