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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

First Evah First Person Shooter

A lot of people say "Doom" and get chastized by some other people who say "Wolfenstein 3D" which in turn get chastized by someone who drags up some other vector game or early id experiment, until someone finally brings up:


CGM has a great retrospective:

When MazeWar's network packets were slimmed down to work across the primitive Internet of the 1970s, MIT and Stanford got into some very heated battles. This is evidenced by the MazeWar man page, where it claims that the game was banned by DARPA from the ArpaNet because "half of all the packets in a given month were MazeWar packets flying between Stanford and MIT."
-- The First First Person Shooter


Matthew said...

Computer Games Magazine is CGM, not CGW.

Josh said...

Standing corrected.

Winkyboy said...

LOL - I played the Mac port of MazeWar; it was the first FPS that *I* played, and I thought it was SOOOO COOOOL. Running around pressing forward until you ran up to someone else, then pounding on the spacebar until they died.

ah, kids ain't got nuthin' these days.