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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Robotech: Shadow Chronicles

How is it that I have to stumble on this from IMDB? Apparently Harmony Gold is releasing a new Robotech series. Most anime geeks I know have kind of love/hate relationship with Robotech. For lots of us it was right up there with Voltron for helping introduce the medium, but for many it was also seen as a butchered editing of existing anime movies. I for one still have heartstrings for the franchise.


Brinstar said...

It's all about Macross: Do You Remember Love?.

I never actually watched Robotech when I was a youngin. Just Voltron and Transformers.

Unknown said...

I just discovered that Netflix has a ton of Robotech DVDs, including the second series that I never got to see. So, that's exciting.

It's interesting how this franchise has survived, despite the company's best efforts to shoot it in the foot.