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Monday, August 29, 2005

A Project Management MMO? A PMMMO?

Called "Mercenarie$ All," the new MMOAG is a strategic vehicle combat game where online players or "mercenaries" have to manage projects to gain resources to purchase more assets that, in turn, allow them to do more and take on bigger challenges. A demo for the game is now being developed in Singapore, and is expected to launch to the gaming world in 2007 in Mandarin and English languages. A Korean language version is planned to be available at a later date.
-- 3DS Max and Mercenarie$ All

Granted, vehicular combat is way more interesting that selling your average widget. While I imagine this is mostly just a bit o bad copy and might just be referring to your typical unit management ... it is an intriguing idea. Maybe after a bunch of questing around the Boardrooms Of The Dark Executive, one can earn the special Vorpal TPS Report of Doom.

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