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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

More On Apple "Gaming Studio"

An additional thought to this notion of Apple expanding it's gaming horizon. If I had to slap down a guess, I'd say Apple had a better than expected reaction to iPod game sales (no numbers to support that theory) and if anything, they're simply putting a brain trust together to a) make sure that the iPod has the right hardware to do more of this in the future and b) to develop some of the game in-house and keep the profits closer that way.

I want to be wrong, but I think Apple is a one horse show when it comes to games right now.

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Anonymous said...

The only side point is that I'm pretty sure Apple started buling up on game design minds BEFORE they started selling games for the iPod.... No tsure waht that means, but hey...

Josh said...

yeah, that's true - there were postings for developers prior to the iPod game release. I think it might have started the iPod game rumor in the first place. If they've been doing anything since other than prepping iPod games, Apple isnt'` showing their hand (yet).