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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Hidden Agenda Contest

Check out Hidden Agenda Contest to see how college students around the country are building great video games for the middle school crowd – so great, in fact, that these middle schoolers don’t even notice (or care) that they are learning school subjects like math and science as they play! We call it “Stealth Education,” and we think that these games could be really helpful for students who learn better by playing than through textbooks or lectures.
HAGames is the site that takes these great games and makes them available to kids around the globe, adding fun features for playing with and competing against friends, and even offering killer prizes for the best of the best.  Did you ever think learning math or science could be this rewarding?
-- Hidden Agenda

I just love this kind of synergy. You get college kids interested in programming, challenge them to invent something, and then hand it off to middle school kids to play. You've got people of all ages involved in thinking about, creating and playing games with positive themes.

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