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Friday, December 08, 2006

Apokalyptica 2006

For those new to my pagan holiday:

We're contemplating doing some festivities on the 1st, a holiday I'm christening Apokalyptica ... because "The World Still Exists Day" is plain too long.

Apokalyptica is a joyous event wherein one takes the time to remind their friends and loved ones about the fragile nature of our existence. It is best celebrated early in the new year with many events designed to illustrate this fact. Godzilla movies, zombie flicks, Resident Evil games ... heck in some ways even Katamari would pass as at least an appetizer.

Apokalyptica has slowly evolved, however, to be unrestrained from the confines of just one day. Which makes sense, I suppose - you're happy that Fenri didn't swallow the sun for over 360 days ... why waste all that joy on just one day. So officially, December and Januarary will be the Months Of Apokalyptica.

Doom: The Board Game is definately one splendid way of celebrating - even if it's hard to win. Since Marvel: Ultimate Alliance has an "end of the universe" type theme - feel free to go forth and save it. And of course, I'll try and squeeze some Donnie Darko in there somewhere.



Anonymous said...

You totally made this day up, right? You should make a Wikipedia entry for it. For reals.

Josh said...

Yeah, it was born out of anti-"It's a Wonderful Day" sentiment and a grand desire to play a board game version of Doom.

Would it last on Wikipedia? Might be hard to find citations, I think only about three people have celebrated so far :)

Anonymous said...

Maybe once the holiday takes off, it'll have some staying power. If someone can make up International Talk Like a Pirate day, then I don't see why Apocalyptica couldn't get its own entry and be celebrated by all.

I'm going to celebrate it!

Anonymous said...

I'd like to celebrate this holiday by watching The End Of Evangelion to a soundtrack of Mechanical Animals.

Josh said...