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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Apple's Console Problem ... The Processor?

What I am told is that Apple is working on developing a media centre that will allso allow games to be played from the Apple Media Centre console however the problem for Apple is identifying and getting access to the right processor which allows developers to quickly re code existing programs for the potential new Apple media centre. They are also very reluctant to enter the market with a pure gaming console. What they believe is that by introducing gaming as an extension of a media centre will attract a wider audience than gamers.
-- Apple Mac Games Console Considered But Rejected

I love this particular mumblevine crop. I mean, Microsoft is trying to hit Apple with the Zune and Xbox Live's media downloads. Sony can't be far behind with using the PSP and PS3 for a similar strategy. While the iPod has a lot of dominance, it's got that "second bedroom" problem - PC's aren't in the living room ... consoles are in the living room.

At the same time, it's not like Apple has the coffers to get into a land war with Microsoft or Sony. And Nintendo covers the flank pretty well - it's extremely hard to "out innovate" Nintendo - they've made a fortune figuring out how to make the most interesting product for the right price point. Remember, it's not that the Game Boy was more powerful than anything else - it was just the best product at the best price.

Apple took an odd tack when they announced the iTV early. It's unlike Jobs to make a speech about something until all the i's are dotted and the screws are hidden. Does that mean there's some wiggle room in what the device might end up like? I really get a "not seeing the whole picture" feeling from the strategy here. As in - I'm not seeing the whole picture. As in - Apple still has a trick up its sleeve.

Or maybe I just like surprises.

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