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Friday, December 08, 2006

Apokalyptica on Wikipedia

For at least, the time being. Blame Brinstar for goading me into it.

If you support it as a real holiday, let the editors know. It took them about 1 minute to vote for deletion.

Update Too late. Wait, that actually kinda sucks. It wasn't even up long enough for anyone to defend it. Not that I expected it to survive, but at least I would have liked to have put up the fight.

Well, I have an archive. I'll post it later for a hoot.

The Short Happy Life Of Apokalyptica's Wikipedia Status via AIM:

[2006-12-08 14:33:11] (me> 19:59, 8 December 2006 Jimfbleak (Talk | contribs) deleted "Apokalyptica" (nonsense)
[2006-12-08 14:33:22] (anonymous-friend> LOL
[2006-12-08 14:33:35] (anonymous-friend> So how long did the holiday of Apokalyptica last?
[2006-12-08 14:33:54] (me> less than an hour
[2006-12-08 14:34:01] (me> which actually
[2006-12-08 14:34:02] (anonymous-friend> lol
[2006-12-08 14:34:03] (anonymous-friend> impressive
[2006-12-08 14:34:04] (me> kinda sucks
[2006-12-08 14:34:13] (anonymous-friend> how so?
[2006-12-08 14:34:13] (me> because I had no time to defend myself
[2006-12-08 14:34:19] (me> now granted
[2006-12-08 14:34:23] (me> I had not ... you know
[2006-12-08 14:34:24] (me> evidence
[2006-12-08 14:34:27] (me> to defend myself
[2006-12-08 14:34:29] (anonymous-friend> lol
[2006-12-08 14:34:32] (me> but that's beside the point!

*end scene*



Anonymous said...

Aw. :-( I guess you have to have a popular webcomic or a newspaper to support your effort to create a holiday.

Josh said...

I know - it's like they expect people to celebrate it before they'll take it seriously! Snobs. Chicken and egg, problem, that's what I got here. Course, I don't know if anyone actually celebrates Talk Like A Pirate Day or WinteerenreneaMass or whatever that is.

Well, I'll take pictures of anyone's Apok Day! There's always next year!

Thomas said...

It's interesting that you didn't even get a chance to defend yourself, because we've been trying to get my division at work on Wikipedia and they're giving us a really hard time. They keep hassling us about being "too commercial," which is a hoot for what amounts to a huge philanthropy.

I'm of the opinion, personally, that Wikipedia's editors sometimes just enjoy jerking people around.

Josh said...

Yeah, I found the process kinda curious. Seems a minimum amount of time for the author to defend/update the original post would be in order.

Still, it was mostly a lark. I'll probably be able to get some kind of Apokalyptica gathering this year - movie or game marathon - and will try to take pictures.

Would tee shirts help? I just don't know. Maybe I need a logo. Is there a Dummy's guide to inventing your own holiday?

Anonymous said...

T-shirts couldn't hurt, I guess?

How the heck the the CTRL-ALT-DELETE people manage to create such a cult following around their stupidly-named holiday?

So far the BF has suggested we play Dead Rising for our Apokalyptica celebration. We are not sure when this will take place or whether there will be more people involved.

He doesn't like zombie (or horror) films, though. I have been trying to convince him that 28 Days Later cannot be missed (even prior to this Apokalyptica stuff), so I think this might be my chance.

Josh said...

Well, to their credit, Winteerenmaas is only listed under CAD's entry in the 'pedia. And they did fight Talk Like A... day ... but got slashdotted in the process.

And also, I attened a "PartyPaLazoo" this summer which has more history and tradition than Apokalyptica.

Just means we have to start somewhere! Dead Rising is right on. For PS2 peeps, I might recommend Hunter: Wayward - lots of undead fun there. I'll probably try and get a game of Doom: TBG going - and that's always an all night event (like Monopoly with shotguns!) and probably organize a movie night too.

Tee shirts ... hrm...

Josh said...

OH - so send info and pics to Cathodemail. I'll try keep an archive for our entry next year.