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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

DarwiinRemote - Wiimote Software for OS X

That didn't take long (via kottke). So maybe Apple doesn't have to make a decent gaming peripheral for the Mac. Maybe we can just borrow one from the living room. Seriously, if someone can do this - why the wireless PS3 or 360 controllers? Is the 360 too custom? I'm guessing the PS3 controller is more run of the mill bluetooth, since Sony is pushing being able to use normal accessories.

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Unknown said...

GNU/Linux and Windows already have PS3 drivers, I believe. Shouldn't be hard to make it happen on MacOS X. After all, that's how MacOS X got drivers for some printers -- by taking (encouraged!) from the GNU/Linux drivers.

Josh said...

I don't know why I'd prefer the PS3 over the Wii controller, I guess I just can't imagine myself standing in front of my Mac trying to swing at iTunes.